Coffman Capital Inc.
Providing Dentists with Working Capital Loans for their Dental Practice.

Dental Practice Loan

Need Working Capital for your Practice? 

working capitalWhen you need the cash to grow your Dental Practice, Coffman Capital is there to say YES! We provide up to $150,000 of additional working capital for your dental practice, unsecured, at around 8.5% interest for a term of 7 years with no prepayment penalty

  Minimum requirements for Working Capital Loan:

  • Existing Dental Practice only
  • FICO Credit Score of 640+ for amounts up to $100,000
  • FICO Score of 680+ for amounts $100,000-$150,000
  • Maximum Working Capital Loan Amount: Up to 30% of gross revenues for immediate past year reported on tax return; Minimum working capital loan is $50,000
  • Profit Requirement: Must have been profitable in prior tax year (can add-back depreciation and officer salary)
  • Term: 7 years full amortization
  • Interest Rates Vary depending on personal and business credit score and other factors. APR varies with fees not charged by Coffman Capital.
  • Prepayment Penalty: None
  • Auto Debit (EFT) Payments: Required  

Documentation and Information Required for Working Capital Loan:

  • Completed Express Loan Application with original blue ink signature - see Working Capital Application
  • Signed and dated Coffman Capital Agreement
  • 3 Months Business/Corporate Bank Statements
  • Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws of Dental Practice (unless Sole Proprietor)
  • 2 Years Complete Business/Corporate Tax Returns
  • 2 Years Complete Personal Tax Returns
  • Current Interim Financial Statement (Income Statement/Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) dated within 60 days of submission of Working Capital Loan Application
  • Form 4506-T signed and dated (please do not fill in other blanks) - see 4506-T
  • Color Copy of Applicant's Drivers License - required by Patriot Act
  • Signed Authorization to review credit report
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 Coffman Capital provides loans and financing to Dentists for practice acquisition, practice startup, practice expansion, practice improvement, working capital, equipment leasing, debt consolidation and real estate. Coffman Capital works with practice transition specialists, practice sales brokers, and practice management consultants to assist them in providing loans to Dentists.